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Online update of project descriptions: start page

It is possible to send updates of existing descriptions to FORS all year through. Especially important is the information about results (question 9) and publications resulting form the research (question 11/12). Also the ending date of the project is important and should be updated. FORS sends out update requests three times a year which are based on this ending date.

There are three possibilities to update:

  1. Online, for smaller and also more important changes.
  2. E-mail, for smaller and also more substantial updates. Any word processing programme can be used, the printed version (French/German) of the questionnaire offers help in case of questions.
  3. Handwritten corrections, for smaller updates. Those corrections can be made either on the printout that FORS has sent to the researchers, or on a printed version of the description from the online database.

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Please consult the page " general information " for more details on the update procedure.

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