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Capture of new research projects

To capture a new project, please fill in your family name, your first name and your e-mail address into the fields and use the button "Open (new) ". The programme will open the questionnaire and distribute a temporary number to the new project. You can later open the questionnaire again using your temporary number (fields on the right and button "Open (resume)").

You can interrupt the capture at any time and continue it at a later moment. You can save your information:

  • temporarily: The project description will be registered and you can continue the capture later on. Please note the temporary project number for re-entry. 
  • permanently: The information will be registered and transferred to FORS for treatment. You will not be able to access your project description until it has been published online (which normally takes one week).

(Please check below for instruction)
Open an empty questionnaire to capture a new project description:

Last name:
First name::
  ... or choose a temporarily registered project description:

Last name:
First name:
Project #:


  INV / Last update: 02.11.2009